Walk-ins welcome during Open Studio Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10am-8pm

Ages 8 and up

Walk-in Fused Glass Projects:

Nightlight $20 • Magnets and Ornaments $12-16

Earrings $16 • Pendant $18

Jewelry Set (Earrings & Pendant) $32


Step 1: Choose a Project

Decide what you want to make with your fused glass. Choose from a nightlight, magnet, ornament, earrings, pendant or jewelry set.

Step 2: Choose your Colored Glass

Our staff will help you select the glass and tools needed to complete your project. We will instruct you on how to create your desired look with the materials.

Step 3: Design your Piece

Lay the glass in your chosen pattern and design. Follow instructions on how to secure your piece. When you are finished, leave it on the table with your registration form including a description of your piece. Check out and pay for your creation at the front desk. We will fire your artwork in our special glass kiln.

Step 4: Pick up your Piece

After7-10 days we will call to let you know that your creation is ready to be picked up! You may return anytime during open studio hours to claim your creation.