Board Art

Create a custom piece of decor for your home! With our library of vinyl quotes, you'll get beautiful text every time. We will help each step of the way.

Walk-ins welcome during Open Studio Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10am-8pm

Planning a group outing? Call us at 254-613-4292 to reserve your spot. Reservations recommended but not required for groups of six or more.


Choose your Quote

Walk-ins choose from our seasonal selection of 30+ quotes. If you would like to choose from our full collection of quotes, please visit the studio to select your design and size two or more days ahead of when you plan to make your board.


Choose your Board

Choose one of our locally made boards available in three different sizes:

  • 4x18in - $22

  • 9x12in - $29

  • 14x18in - $39

  • 18x24in - $49


Choose your Colors

Customize your Board Art with a unique color wash on the board itself. Then we will show you a variety of techniques and products to make your text pop, including metallic paint, gradients, and texturing.